LE VERGER Care Facility in Switzerland

An environment conducive to healing

Le Verger, a Christian Science nursing facility, was founded and is managed by the Association of Le Verger.  The organization is a not-for-profit charity supported by financial gifts of friends around the world.

Le Verger provides its guests with a calm and comfortable environment with an atmosphere conducive to prayer and spiritual study. Daily Bible lesson reading is held in the living room, and other activities for renewal and regeneration are readily available.  The grounds surrounding Le Verger provide a year round garden setting that supports physical and mental rejuvenation.

Christian Science Nurses are available 24 hours a day for those who need practical care.

Each spacious and well-lit room includes an ensuite bathroom with a shower.

A study room provides a quiet and comfortable location for personal spiritual study with materials provided in many languages.

Conditions  of admission

Those who come to Le Verger look to better understand their relationship with God.  No medical treatment is provided at Le Verger, and its guests and patients are requested to avoid all use of medication, alcohol, tobacco and drugs while in the house.

Le Verger supports those who:

Are relying on Christian Science for healing

Expect complete and quick healing

Have engaged a Journal-listed Christian Science practitioner

Are free from the use of medicine or medical treatment

If you are interested in coming to Le Verger for practical care or Rest & Study, please complete an application form.  The application enables us to appropriately respond to your specific needs and prepare for your stay. 

Christian Science nursing care is generally provided on a one-to-one short-term basis, as we are here to support quick and whole healing.  If longer stays are needed, this can be discussed with the Director of Christian Science Nursing as the need arises.

Rates and financial aid

Our desire is that finances never stand in the way of finding proper care from coming to Le Verger for care.  There are a variety of funds available for financial support which vary from region to region, depending on where you live.  If you need help with financial assistance, please feel free to contact the secretary of Le Verger who can assist you.

Don't hesitate to contact Le Verger for more information on our rates.