The mission of the Le Verger

Le Verger's mission is to welcome all who wish to put into practice the healing power of Christ as it is described in the Bible and practised by Jesus, and then demonstrated and explained by Mary Baker Eddy in "Science and Health, with Key to the Scriptures".

Christian Science Nursing Care

Healing in Christian Science is born of prayer and a deep understanding of God and our relationship to Him.

A Christian Science Nursing Facility in the heart of Rolle

Benefit from staying in this calm and serene environment in the heart of the Lake Geneva region, one of the loveliest in Switzerland.

Types of stay

Christian Science nursing, Rest and Study, and Residents

Christian Science nursing care

Le Verger can provide the following:

  • Short-term in-patient Christian Science nursing care at Le Verger, where you can make the most of the facility’s peaceful environment to pray and study with the expectancy of quick and whole healing.
  • Outpatient Christian Science nursing care at Le Verger, where we can provide practical assistance if you need to pop in.
  • Christian Science nursing in your home, where we will be happy to meet your physical needs and assist you to read the Bible Lesson if needed, while helping you to be independent.

Rest and Study and Spiritual Refreshment

Types of stay - Le Verger - Role

We have already had many people take advantage of the beauty and calmness of a stay in Le Verger’s peaceful atmosphere.

The location of Le Verger, the local area, the wealth of multi-lingual resources in the study room, the presence of Christian Science nurses and volunteers, the expectancy of healing, and the ability to step away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, all make it a perfect place for rest and study.

Le Verger is also open to those who might like to make the most of this environment for just a few hours.

Welcoming residents

Le Verger is also available to welcome a limited number of independent long-term residents who wish to be part of the Le Verger family, contributing to the atmosphere and participating in supporting the activities of the house.

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